The Making of Dole Whip Darlings

Meet the mastermind behind the Dole Whip Darlings Fantasy Pin series! Ashlee is the firstborn who’s been drawing since she could hold a crayon. She’s always had an absolute love for Disney Darlings and Disney Food. Her favorite Darling of course is Alice so when the silhouette pins released she was super excited to get one.

BUT they were going for $400, a little bit out of her birthday money budget.

So we brainstormed as a family on what we could do to help Ashlee fulfill her Disney Dreams with a fantasy pin of our own! Ashlee asked to get access to Illustrator and wasn’t scared the fact most adults would struggle with this program. So we showed her some tips and tricks and left her alone. A few weeks later she presented her ideas and the Dole Whip Darlings concept was born!

We’re so excited to see Ashlee fulfilling her dreams and learning how to design and manufacture along the way!

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